Remember...Our flooring analysis reports last forever. You can use the information and then pass it on to the new buyers when the property is sold. Unless the walls are moved the measurements never change!

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Are you getting ready to update your floor coverings?

Everything on this website is designed to educate you about the flooring buying process and the all of the variables that effect the price you end up paying for the job.

Shopping for and buying floor coverings can be a very frustrating experience because it's hard to compare estimates without knowing exactly how the job was figured. Most people just look at the "bottom line" price without understanding where that price came from...but not anymore!

In the perfect world, if you have more than one flooring company give you an estimate on a flooring job, they should each come up with the exact same amount of material you need to do the job. Well, the world isn't perfect!
Rarely do any two companies agree on the number of square feet or yards needed. Part of the reason can be that one company may inflate their estimate to cover miscalculations more than another but more than likely they are not figuring the job in the same manner.

Most people are not aware of the fact that each type of flooring material (carpeting included) has a "grain" or "direction" to it. There are arrows or markings on the back of carpeting that MUST all run the same direction if the carpeting in two areas connect onto each other in order to do a professional job.

The direction the carpet is laid out can greatly influence the amount of carpet it will take to do the job. If you have rooms that are wider than the carpeting, they must put seams in the carpet to fill those areas. Jobs can be estimated using more seams and less carpet or the other way around. Changing the direction can change the amount of flooring you need by 10% to 20%. If you want to see an example of how you can take the exact same area and get totally different results...Click here!

There is another problem with having your floors measured. The person sent to do the measuring is either the owner or an employee of the flooring company, a commission based sales person or the flooring installer who will do the installation if they get the job. They are going to make more money for themselves for every square foot of material you need so the bigger the job...the larger their paycheck.

You will have piece of mind knowing that we are an unbiased third party with no financial interest in your flooring job. We don't care if you need 10 square feet or 10,000 square feet. We are there to calculate the exact amount of floor coverings you need to do the job...and not one square inch more!
If you are thinking about putting your home on the market...
It is important for you to know that the condition of your flooring can make or break the sale of the property. Floor coverings are the "icing on the cake" that can sway a prospective home buyers decision on making an offer or not. Buyers will look at two identical homes and the one with the like new, neutrally shaded carpet will interest them more than one that needs new floor coverings. Even if a prospective buyer is that rare individual who can see beyond the mess they will usually make offers substantially less than the asking price, and will always want to deduct more off of the asking price than the actual cost of the floor coverings.

To help eliminate that situation from ever cropping up call us today to schedule an appoint for a complete flooring analysis on your home.

To have your house measured costs $75.00 but I'll bet you'll save more than that on your job!

If you have our written estimate in hand, you can go to ANY flooring company and get an exact estimate to do the job. You can then go to floor company number two and do the same thing. You can go then ask if they will beat the first company's estimate (if their estimate is lower). Then it's off to flooring company number three. Most flooring companies have policies that they will beat their competitions best price. So by using our flooring analysis in this manner you can be assured you are paying the lowest possible price for your flooring job. And we will ALMOST guarantee that you will save more than the $75.00 fee we charge.
Go ahead...Call us right will be glad you did!

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