Remember...Our flooring analysis reports last forever. You can use the information and then pass it on to the new buyers when the property is sold. Unless the walls are moved the measurements never change!

Real Estate Agents

Have you ever shown a 3 bedroom, 2 bath dog kennel before? Or at least you thought it was a dog kennel when you walked through the front door and the smell almost made your eyes water!

If you are a real estate agent and have been active in listing and selling homes, you know how important floor coverings are in marketing homes. Floor coverings are the "icing on the cake" that can sway a prospective home buyers decision on making an offer or not. You can show the same buyer two identical homes and the one with the like new, neutrally shaded carpet will interest them more than any that look bad or smell like an animal shelter. Even if the buyer is that rare individual who can see beyond the mess they will usually make offers substantially less than the asking price, and will always want to deduct more off of the asking price than the actual cost of the floor coverings.

To help eliminate that situation from ever cropping up call us today to schedule an appoint for a complete flooring analysis on your new listing. The cost is reasonable. It only costs $75.00 (seventy five dollars) to have a whole house measurement, so why not call right now?

If you go on a listing appointment and see that the floor coverings are going to be an issue in the sale, you can either ignore the problem and deal with the unreasonable buyers later or call us to have the floors professionally measured now and be prepared when that time comes.

Our reports can be used by ANY flooring company to give you an exact, to the penny estimate for the job. You then add our scale drawings and blue-print like reports to your listing file in your office. They can be used as a negotiating to tool between the buyer and seller in establishing a fair sale price or they can be used by the appraiser to make adjustments to the value of the home to include all new floor coverings which will allow the buyer to finance the floor coverings right along with the home loan.  Click here to see a sample drawing and sample reports.

To have a house measured costs $75.00 but I'll bet you'll save more than that on your job!

If you have our written estimate in hand, you can go to ANY flooring company and get an exact estimate to do the job. You can then go to floor company number two and do the same thing. You can go then ask if they will beat the first company's estimate (if their estimate is lower). Then it's off to flooring company number three. Most flooring companies have policies that they will beat their competitions best price. So by using our flooring analysis in this manner you can be assured you are paying the lowest possible price for your flooring job. And we will ALMOST guarantee that you will save more than the $75.00 fee we charge.
Our floor measuring program could be exactly what everyone needs to reach their objectives. And it's so easy to use...

To set up an appointment to be measured choose from the four options below

Call the office at (740) 654-6915 and leave your name and number along with the city and zip code of the property to be measured or...
Call my cell number at (740) 215-9707 with that same information or...
Click here or on the "Get Measured" image link on this website and fill out the details or...
Send an email to with your contact information and the job address and zip code.
Whatever method you choose, we will schedule an appointment within 24 hours at your clients convenience.

What are our service areas? How can I earn referral checks just sending you measurement leads? And answers to just about everything you want to know about our services can be found by going to the FAQ here!

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