Remember...Our flooring analysis reports last forever. You can use the information and then pass it on to the new buyers when the property is sold. Unless the walls are moved the measurements never change!

Retail Flooring Store Owners

Click here to add your store to our "Rate a Retailer" system. Once your business is added to our system you should contact all of your satisfied customers and ask them to go to your "Rate a Retailer" page and click on the "Register to Rate a Retailer or Installer" link to add their personal testimonials for you.

Remember...What OTHERS say about you is MORE IMPORTANT than anything YOU could ever say about yourself!

We screen all requests to make sure they are accurate and relevant to the flooring business. If your county or city isn't on our list of locations we will add them along with your business information. Once your application is approved your information will be added to our system. We will then send you an email with the direct link to your review and comment area in our system. This is the link you will give your customers when you ask them to submit a testimonial for you.

You might want to go to your area from time to time to see what customers are saying about your business and how they report they were treated. We do screen all applications before we publish them to our website. We screen them for inappropriate language but leave the overall message intact.

If you would like to be notified via email each time someone posts a rating of you or your company, go to your rating area and click on the "Subscribe" link. You will be signing up (subscribing) to have an email sent to you each time someone comments about you or your company.

We do give the business owner or installers the opportunity to respond to a negative comment or review. Just go to your company review page and add your comments about their review. All reviews (good or bad) are subject to approval of After we review and approve your comments, we will add them to the same same rating page with the original rating post is located so they will appear together on the website.

Everything on this website is designed to educate your customers about the flooring buying process and the all of the variables that effect the price they end up paying for their flooring jobs.

We are aware of the fact that some store owners may not appreciate our efforts. Some business owners actually PREFER that their customers NOT totally understand the flooring job estimating process or all of the things that they need to ask to be certain that they are getting the best possible price and are able to compare flooring company services apples to apples.

Our goal is to make your job EASIER by educating your customers FOR YOU!

Educated customers can be a blessing in disguise. It seemed like a lot of the time I spent working in a retail flooring store was spent explaining things like...what floor coverings are made of, how much they weighed, how thick is the pad, what is "re-bond" pad, what is tack strip etc etc.

If you have been in business very long you may have forgotten for and buying floor coverings can be a very frustrating experience for your customers. Most of them go through the whole ordeal and never feel like they know what the heck is going on. Most people just look at the "bottom line" price without understanding where that price came from. We hope to change that for you.

We hope that by creating this website it will become a "first stop" for flooring buyers, so by the time they get to your store they will be more knowledgeable about your business and won't have to ask you so many questions. They will really understand what you are saying when you throw out those technical terms like "direction", "pattern match" and "waste". Hopefully they will feel more at ease and not feel like you are "talking over their heads".

In the past, your customers weren't aware of the fact that each type of flooring material (carpeting included) has a "grain" or "direction" to it. They didn't understand that in order to do a professional installation job the arrows or markings on the back of carpeting MUST all run the same direction if the carpeting in any two areas connect or "touch" each other. We hope to correct that misunderstanding.

We try to show them that the direction the carpet is laid out can greatly influence the amount of carpet it will take to do their job. They will understand that if they have rooms that are wider than the carpeting, they must be seams in the carpet to fill those areas and that jobs can be estimated using more seams and less carpet or the other way around. And that the direction can change the amount of flooring they need by 10% to 20%. If you want to see an example of how we try to demonstrate how you can take the exact same floor area and get totally different here to see the samples we use. If they understand our illustrations they might understand why your estimate may be a little higher than the next guy but will give them a nicer job.

We believe having doing the floor measurements gives your customers piece of mind knowing that we are an unbiased third party with no financial interest in their flooring job. They can rest assured that we don't care if they need 10 square feet or 10,000 square feet. We are there only to calculate the exact amount of floor coverings they need to do the job...and not one square inch more!
We hope that if you really look this site over and see that we are trying to help the flooring dealers...not hurt them. Hopefully,  you will start recommending our website to your customers.

Here are some other areas of our website you might be interested in...Check them out!

We offer wholesale pricing on our measuring services to flooring companies. You call the our office at (740) 654-6915 and leave your business name, your name and number along with the city and zip code of the property to be measured or you can call my cell phone directly at (740) 215-9707 with that same information. If you'd like to use our online dealer measurement request form click here! (You may want to bookmark that page for future reference).
We are setting up a flooring store and flooring installer rating and comment area on this site. This will be an area similar to the one on eBay where customers can go to give ratings on the service they received on a scale from 1 to 5 and make whatever comments they want to make about their experience. All ratings and comments will be screened before publication for obscenities etc. You may want to routinely send all of your "satisfied" customers there to post their comments and ratings. Personal testimonials are the best free advertising you can get. Have your customers go to or click here to go to the same location.
Click here or on the "Get Measured" link on this website and fill out the details or...
Send an email to with your contact information and the job address and zip code.

Whatever method you choose, we will schedule an appointment within 24 hours at your convenience.

Answers to any other questions you may have about our services can be found by going to the FAQ here!

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